Cascading Style Sheets

What is a Cascading Style Sheet?

A Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) is a set of rules telling a browser how to display a web page. It describes in detail how text - headers, body text, etcetera - appears on the page. So it will for example specify the font, the size, and the colour. The background colour is defined, as is the colour of the links.

Our style sheets have the following features for users with low-vision or visual impairments:

  • Fonts are styled in Verdana, Arial or Sans-Serif for ease of reading
  • Flexible font sizes to allow user adjustment
  • Contrasting colours

We have provided, as standard, 3 different style sheets and these can be activated by using the switching buttons at the top right of the page. When you hover over the link a description will appear to help you choose the sheet that is right for you.

  • The default sheet. This is the one you will see when you first arrive at the site
  • The high visibility sheet with enlarged text and high contrast text
  • The small layout sheet for people using handheld devices

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