Code Snippets

Moderating on Outfront webmaster forum means I often put together snippets of code for people to help them out of a spot. Finding I was constantly searching the forum for a post I'd done previously with a specific example in, I finally got my act together and started putting them on here.

CSS Tips and Tricks
Hanging Text - Indents and Outdents How to make your text stick out rather than stick in, and yes I know Outdents isn't a word but if you know the correct term for it then please tell me.
Tableless Forms - layout with CSS How to build forms without using tables so that they still look nice and the boxes and text go where you want them to.
Switching Styles without using javascript Javascript switchers are fine assuming your visitor has it turned on in their browser. There are other ways of doing it, here's one.
Applying Styles and Stylesheets Inline, Internal and External, what's the difference and how do you use them.
Towering Text a neat way of putting text on the page that, ummm, stands out.
Rounded Corner Boxes for all browsers and I haven't been able to get these to break on text resize either