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Moderating on Outfront webmaster forum and 5Star Support forum means I come across all sorts of useful pieces of kit. I originally started to put them on a page for my own reference and then it occurred that I could send people to one place to get useful links. So here it is. ENJOY!!

Fixes for annoying stuff
Active Content Code Converter - you know those really annoying "click to activate" messages that now pop up on IE whenever there's ActiveX, Flash, Java content? Well I tried out dozens of methods to get rid of the problem, some worked for Flash but not Java, others worked for both but only for one occurrence per page, others needed so much code included it was a real pain to make the changes. Finally I found this. Quick, easy, remarkably cheap, works in all browsers, including IE7 and, with a small change to the code it produces, it validates too! Result!
Free Icons I like good quality icons. I use them on this site but professional ones usually cost an arm and a leg. Not these. Sign up and you get a monthly token allowance that allows you to grab sets for free. Love em. There are loads of different styles and there are new ones added each month. Here's one set I use on here.

Set of professional icons in orange and green
Color Wheel Pro a tool to create harmonious color schemes
The Gimp a free graphics program
iStock Photo If you need high quality photography for your site then I can recommend iStock. You can either purchase the license for the image or you can trade by uploading some of your own images for others to use. Images start at 50p/$1. Bargain!
Templates and more Templates
And even more templates. If you're in a hurry and you need reasonably priced templates to add to a site, cart or blog then this is the place to go
Favicon Generator
Online Image Optimiser
Email Address Encrypter
Button Maker
Portable Stuff
Portable Firefox Browser
Portable Thunderbird Email Client
Portable Filezilla - File Transfer Protocol
Hosting and Domains
ServerFly - Good value hosting for large sites

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