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We are delighted to show you a small selection of our work. The sites cover a range of contracts from full maintenance, where we act as webmaster, to contents managed sites where the client does their own updates

All site and logo designs have been completed in full consultation with our client or as per specification received from external graphic designers.


Roger Dean's site is for an amazing musician and tells his story over 50 years in the music business. The theme is based around his favourite guitar, a blonde wood Fender Telecaster.

The site conforms to W3C standards.


The Hedgehog Bottom web site is for a small charity taking in sick, injured and orphaned hedghogs. The site conforms to W3C standards.


Mal Cook's web site was a rapid development request. In order to speed up the process, an existing template was heavily modified and made to conform to W3C standards. The request was for a clean, uncluttered site with a bit of bite to it, so red was used to lift it.


The Soulstar Magazine web site was a redesign due to a buy-out and relaunch of the publication under a new name. Upon completion the magazine owner employed an in-house developer so this design was short lived. It remains here for posterity as it happens to be one of my favourite designs and, with a name change, could be yours. The site is fully contents managed and contains a basic shopping cart facility which can be expanded to full e-commerce at a later date. It has also been furnished with a calendar system for events and a managed links area. The package used for the contents manager does not currently conform to W3C standards, the next version will, so the site was designed with a compliant template in readiness for the switchover.


The Thatcham U3A web site was developed for a branch of the University of the Third Age Charity. The officers needed to be able to keep the site up to date by themselves and so it uses a contents managed system. Whilst the package used for this does not currently conform to W3C standards, the next version will, so the site was designed with a compliant template in readiness for the switchover.


DJ Paul Gray's web site is a fully contents managed. This allows the him to keep the events pages up to date whilst not having to request updates from us. The base site conformed to W3C standards when initially released. Client alterations may mean that it has lost this status.


The Heli-Wise web site is a redesign of a previous site. Working with a professional Graphic Designer the site was technically challenging due to the requirement for it to be Accessible wherever possible due to its use predominantly by schools. The site showcases a number of techniques. It has a basic Contents Management System so that the site owner can keep the page contents up to date, there is a secure section for client schools, Java educational games and a version of the site for the USA. Both conform to W3C standards with the exception of the Java based games.


The Just Beauty Direct shop is a full e-commerce package for a client who had outgrown Ebay. Zen Cart was chosen as the base package due to the wide variety of payment add-ins. A template was developed from scratch, incorporating an existing graphic the client wished to keep and sticking closely to the brief of pink, pink and PINKER!  The Cart has a full administrator backend that enables the client to add her own graphics as well as products, shipping details and stock levels. With an eye to the future it also allows for sale items, gift certificates and discount vouchers. Whilst the site was being built, submissions were made to the search engines in readiness for the launch. This, coupled with the client's promotion efforts, resulted in 2000 unique visitors in the first month.


The NSR web site was developed as a quick web presence for the client after a previous attempt had failed to materialise. The site conforms to W3C standards.


Whilst we would never claim to be professional graphic designers we do occasionally have good ideas, some of which you can see below. However, if your company needs full branding we are able to recommend and work with a professional design house.

Long descriptions are provided for assistive technologies


This is a small selection of items we have worked on. If you wish to see further examples prior to placing your trust with us, please contact us.