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Creative web design

What we do


When it comes to designing and creating a web site, you can rely on our experience.

There are numerous companies and individuals offering cheap web site services, but you should always remember that you have one chance to make a first impression and if visitors don't like what they see, they will look elsewhere.

Where possible, we employ simple design principles which ensure our sites have maximum accessibility and usability. these include:

  • your company identity throughout
  • clean, uncluttered design
  • simple, clear navigation
  • access to all site contents within two mouse clicks
  • compliance with World Wide Web Consortium standards
  • an online form for customers to contact you directly
  • hyperlinks to other web sites and email addresses
  • relevant keywords for search engine recognition

JBVisions aims to provide cost effective web sites. Our standard design and development fee starts at 75 pounds per web site page.

In addition to creating your site, we offer a full compliment of services including :

Domain name registration and hosting

It is still possible to get the name you want as long as you're not called Amazon or something equally famous. Even if your name has gone, JBVisions can work with you to find a suitable alternative

Is your domain name available?

Hosting doesn't have to cost a fortune. When you first start out you are unlikely to receive vast numbers of visitors and it is therefore possible to successfully host a site for a few pounds a year. We do not recommend the use of free hosts due to advertising banners and lack of professional facilities.

Maintenance packages

Once complete, if you have not requested a contents managed site, you can opt for one of our monthly maintenance packages starting from just 1 pound per day! then let JBVisions take care of all updates, additions and amendments so your site stays as fresh as the day it was launched! we'll also submit the site to the major search engines and monitor results.

Search engine optimization

You'll probably want your visitors to be able to find your site by searching the Internet. Getting the site on the search engines is not a problem. Getting it on the first page is. Unlike many other design companies JBVisions do not make impossible guarantees about placement. We simply promise to do our utmost to get you a good ranking. We will also advise you on the best way to stay there.

You will want to make sure that your investment brings returns. Successful sites are monitored and updated on a regular basis and the busy sites are marketed to ensure visitors return again and again. Marketing does not have to cost a fortune. JBVisions can advise on cost effective or even free promotion methods.

Modifications to existing sites

Many sites that were cutting edge when they were originally designed are now looking a little dated. Others have suffered from apathy, and some have just lost their way. JBVisions can advise on updates from simply freshening up the design through to a full blown rewrite.


Do you even need a web site? The Internet is littered with good ideas that were never going to work. At JBVisions we will not build a site just for the sake of it. We will always look at the overall picture and give an honest opinion. A tired and unvisited web site reflects badly on you and us.